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Art Studio Gallery

Steps upto the entrance of the art gallery. Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine's art gallery and flower courtyard, located in Hardy, Nairobi, Kenya,
Please call me to arrange a viewing on
+254 (0)722 722039
Gallery photo of a Baby Elephant oil painting in Wildlife artistAmy Sandys-Lumsdaine's art gallery in Nairobi Kenya
Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art logo

Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine is an established wildlife, landscape & figurative artist based in Kenya for over 26 years.  Her works are profoundly influenced by her life & travels through Kenya, Asia, Africa & beyond.  Reflecting her background in textile design Amy's work often includes patterns & repeats found in Nature & tribal crafts such as the jewellery & textiles of Northern Kenya & architecture of the Swahili coastline of Lamu.

Amy's deep love for Kenya is evident through out her works, from wildlife, abstracts, block prints, Indian ink sketches, landscapes, figurative art & still life paintings.  Please call or Whatsapp Amy to arrange a private viewing or follow Amy's latest art works on  FACEBOOK/AMYSLART  or  INSTAGRAM/AMYSLART

A Hippo oil painting, Landscape painting of Elementita, a small flower oil painting and lion print by wildlife artist Amy Sandys-Lumdaine


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