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Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

An Artist & Print Maker based in Nairobi

Amy was born in Calcutta, India into a family of Tea Merchants. After schooling at Downe House, Amy completed a Foundation at Middlesex Univesity and then went on to gain a Bsc Hons and Msc in Textile Design at UMIST in Manchester.  She then worked in the fashion trade in London before heading out to Kenya in 1997 to pursue a career as an artist.


"This move from the urban jungle of London to the Great Rift valley had a profound and positive effect on me creatively.  The sense of freedom and adventure was tangible and I started to sketch and paint to document these adventures and share my experiences."


"Our light aircraft allows my husband and me to explore this amazing country.  Kenya has such a diverse range of natural environments, peoples, birds and animals. There's incredible beauty in it's raw, untamed wilderness, mountains, deserts, the laid back rythm of life along the coast and the fusion of cultures found in the Lamu archipelago."


"My paintings preserve memories of Kenya and express my connection to Nature and the Natural World.  Patterns and repeats found in tribal textiles, jewellery and architecture of Africa and Asia are used on canvas and frame and pay homage to the fusion of the diverse Cultures found here -  an exotic blend of African, Arabic, European and Asian. "


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Amy is a member of the
Seedballs Kenya Team.

Pioneering a method of mass producing indigenous tree & grass seeds to regenerate damaged forests & grasslands throughout Kenya