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A collection of handcrafted, hand painted designs for your home.

Being a homebody,  this is a project close to my heart.

Creating a home & filling it with art & design. 

Creating things that I love, mixing things up & having fun.

Being creative everyday is what makes me happy. 

Sometimes making even a small item can really lift one's spirits! 

Amaya is a capsule collection of small pieces of furniture, mirrors, lamps and lanterns, and accessories.  They are handcrafted, often including recycled pallet wood and with hand carved designs: hand painted and patterned by yours truelly.

Please contact me to place an order.

Tel/Whatsapp 0722022039


Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist Kenya_ed


Amaya was born from doing the interior design, making furniture, lamps and mirrors for our home in Nairobi & our cabin behind the Ngong Hills.  The aim was to make as much as possible from recycled pallet wood from my husband's import business & to create something unique with hand carved elements & a play of patterns. 

Drawing on my training in textile design I am creating pieces with patterns and repeats,

with stencilled, stamped, carved and hand painted floral & geometric designs.




Pieces available to order.

Whatsapp/Tel 0722722039

Night Rain.jpg
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