Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

Star 1 - white and black
Still Life Oil Paintings, Wildlife, Landscapes Art ** WILDLIFE ABOUT CONTACT PEOPLE LANDSCAPES


BAKULI BLUE & ROSES  48x48" Oil on Canvas - Sold



LAMU ARCH & BOWL 32x25" Oil on Canvas - Sold


JUG & ROSES 32x25" Oil on Canvas- Sold  


Amy's Still-life paintings are inspired by the Natural World and the design of objects and pattern found in ethnic textiles, ceramics, jewellery, architecture of East and North Africa, Asia and beyond.  

Lamu Arch & Bowl -still-life-art-oil-paintings-Amy Ginger Jar on White 1- Ginger Jar Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist Kenya

GINGER JAR ON WHITE 1 - 5x6" Oil on Panel - Sold  


Lantern 1 Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist

LANTERN 32x25" Oil on Canvas


GINGER JAR  48x48" Oil on Canvas


White Roses & Indian Pot Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art Flower Stilllife Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife fin

INDIAN POT & ROSES 10x8" Oil on Panel - Sold  


WHITE ROSES & POT 12x10" Oil on Panel - Sold  


INDIAN POT 4x4" Oil on Gessoed Panel - Sold  


PINK BOURGAINVEILLEA Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife

PINK BORGAINVILLEA 24x18" Oil on Canvas - Sold  



STARFISH 25x25" Oil on Canvas - Sold  


Brass Pot Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine Lantern- Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife still life


Oil on Canvas -Sold