Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine


Still Life Oil Paintings, Wildlife, Landscapes Art ** WILDLIFE BIRDS ABOUT CONTACT PEOPLE LANDSCAPES


BAKULI BLUE & ROSES  48x48" Oil on Canvas - Sold



LAMU ARCH & BOWL 32x25" Oil on Canvas - Sold


JUG & ROSES 32x25" Oil on Canvas- Sold  


Amy's Still-life paintings are inspired by the design of objects and pattern found in ethnic textiles, ceramics, jewellery, architecture of East and North Africa, Asia and beyond.  

Lamu Arch & Bowl -still-life-art-oil-paintings-Amy Ginger Jar on White 1- Ginger Jar Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist Kenya

GINGER JAR ON WHITE 1 - 5x6" Oil on Panel - Sold  


Lantern 1 Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist

LANTERN 32x25" Oil on Canvas


GINGER JAR  48x48" Oil on Canvas


White Roses & Indian Pot Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art Flower Stilllife Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife fin

INDIAN POT & ROSES 10x8" Oil on Panel - Sold  


WHITE ROSES & POT 12x10" Oil on Panel - Sold  


INDIAN POT 4x4" Oil on Gessoed Panel - Sold  


PINK BOURGAINVEILLEA Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife

PINK BORGAINVILLEA 24x18" Oil on Canvas - Sold  



STARFISH 25x25" Oil on Canvas - Sold  


Brass Pot Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine