Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine


Helmeted Guineafowl Miniature Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine Aberdares Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine landscape art artis PINK BOURGAINVEILLEA Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist Kenya -
Brass Pot Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine Mongoose Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist animal painter paintings kenya ---- Mongoose Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist animal painter paintings kenya ---- Logo
Fluorescent Flower 2..Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlif Golden Peacock..Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art  african-wildlife-art-animal-paintings
Amy Logo 3
Still Life Oil Paintings, Wildlife, Landscapes Art & People Portraits Art 'Bakuli Blue & Roses'

Amy is a supporting member of a new and exciting reforestation initiative called SEEDBALLS KENYA.


safari-camp-coast-wildlife-art-boat-art-amy safari-kenya-wildlife-artist-art-amy-masai-mara safari-camp-camping-wildlife-art-water-art-amy safari-kenya-wildlife-artist-art-amy wildlife-artist-amy-art-safari-kenya safari-camp-coast-wildlife-art-water-art-amy safari-coast-lamu-wildlife-artist-kenya indian-ocean-landscape-art-sea-paintings-fine safari-kenya-wildlife-artist-art-amy-lamu Teddy Bear Island block-prints-printing-art-artist-kenya-wildlife zebra-wildlife-art-artis-animal-painting-kenya elephants-wildlife-art-animal-paintings lion-wildlife-art-animal-painting-artist goose-bird-wildlife-art-artist-animal-painting *

Amy is a Wildlife, People, Still Life and Landscape artist and print maker based in Kenya. Browse through her gallery of original fine art, animal art, portraits, bird and still life paintings and see her collection of framed, hand-made block prints.

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Welcome To Amy's Wildlife Art & Print Studio

Amy has created a collection of simple hand made prints.  

Each one is printed with traditional block printing methods.

amy-sandys-lumsdaine-wildlife-artist-nairobi-kenya amy-sandys-lumsdaine-wildlife-artist-nairobi-kenya amy-sandys-lumsdaine-wildlife-artist-nairobi-kenya

Amy has her own carpentry workshop.  See a selection of framing styles.

Amy moved to Kenya in 1997 to pursue a career as an Artist.


Stay Connected

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Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine's

Block-Prints-Art-Artist-Studio-Kenya-Paintings Amy

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Sesbania Seedballs Kenya - tree seeds-- african-wildlife-art-bird-paintings bird-african-artist-wildlife-art-bird-paintings zebra-wildlife-art-artist-animal-paintings-kenya- animal-oil-paintings-wildlife-art-artist-amy-sandy Mongoose Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist animal painter paintings kenya ---- Lamu Man - Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist Kenya-,- -Giraffe in Black Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist Kenya -

Tuesday OCTOBER  31st  -  Sunday NOV 26th

Flower Stilllife Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife fin Lantern 1 Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist Lake Victoria Sunrise Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlif Tommy 2.1 --- Lamu Boy Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine. wildlife art artist Masai Girl Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine - Pied Kingfisher Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art Lady O - Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife fine artist Ginger Jar Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist Kenya Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine sho w blank Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine sho w blank Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine sho w blank Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine sho w blank



Grass seedballs - seedballs kenya--- Seedballs Kenya grow..- Seedballs Kenya throw and grow-- Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine Seedballs Kenya--- Excellent germination from the first batch of native grass seedballs.... MOUNT KENYA PEAKS AMY SANDYS-LUMSDAINE WILDLIFE LA Palm Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine landscape wildlife art artist Kenya --- Cheetah --- Lamu Donkey in Frame Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art artist wildlife Kenya -xx- White Roses & Indian Pot Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine art Ndovu Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine -- Leopard Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife art artist K AMY Sandys-Lumsdaine name Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine show 4 Ginger Jar on White 1 AMY SANDYS-LUMSDAINE ART ARTIST KENYA STILL LIFE PAINTINGS---

Here's a selection of works from the show. Click to enlarge.