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Flying in Kenya

After 18 years of fun & adventure we have said farewell to our lovely Piper Cherokee 238, selling it back to the family we bought it off many years ago. What a brilliant time machine, enabling us to head off around the country for our one or two nights of safari before returning to Nairobi for the working week. Seeing Kenya from the air over that time highlighted the good and the bad : epic landscapes and vast vistas, but also areas of deforestation and desertification. Whilst enjoying the freedom & excitement flying gave us, we were also aware of our carbon footprint. My husband Elsen Karstad teamed up with the brilliant Teddy Kinyanjui to create Seedballs Kenya. My involvement is the creation and management of the huge website, a one stop shop of all things Seedballs Kenya! Please check out the site for all the info and photos of this brilliant project and see us featured on Sir David Attenborough's BBC series The Green Planet, Episode 5 'Human Worlds'


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