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The Great Rift Valley runs up the center of the country and the expanding tectonic plates have produced a string of salt and fresh water lakes, abundant with wildlife and vegetation, surrounded by a spectacular backdrops of mountain ranges and dramatic escarpments.  Kenya has an incredibly rich and varied landscape.


From dense highland forests and snow capped Mount Kenya to spectacular deserts, volcanoes, huge savannah plains and tropical coastlines along the Indian Ocean; Kenya's landscapes are home to a huge variety of peoples, culture and wildlife.  Amy travels with her husband, photographer Elsen Karstad in their light aircraft, across the country to immerse themselves in Kenya's beautiful landscapes and where Amy finds inspiration for her oil paintings and landscape art.

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Mount Kenya Peaks 2 Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine wildlife landscape art artist Kenya --- Palm Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine landscape wildlife art a Ngelou Beach, Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine..--,,